EBS for Better Baghdad.

EBS PETROLEUM COMPANY LIMITED is a body registered in the Republic of Iraq to conduct the Petroleum Operations on behalf of China ZhenHua Oil Co., Ltd.. The Development Production Service Contract (DPSC) for East Baghdad Oil Field / Southern Part between Midland Oil Company of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil (MdOC) and China ZhenHua Oil Co. Ltd. and North Oil Company of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil (NOC) was signed on May 23rd and became effective on May 24th, 2018. EBS oilfield is located east of Baghdad, 70 kilometers to northwest of Ahdeb oilfield. It is spreading 60 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide. The concession of EBS field covers an area of 822 square kilometers . The OOIP of EBS oilfield is more than 7 billion barrels while the 40,000 barrels per day of plateau production would be reached in next five years. EBS Petroleum is committed to developing this oilfield efficiently, effectively, safely.