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Prequalification Announcements for Tender No: 011/SC/19

Prequalification Announcements for Tender No: 011/SC/19
Provision of vehicle rental service for EBS Oil Field 
Tender by: China ZhenHua Oil Co., Ltd., a company as the Contractor and Operator cooperating with Midland Oil Company, Ministry of Oil, Iraq for the execution of Development and Production Service Contract (DPSC) signed on May 24th, 2018. At present, oilfield exploration and development, production and surface engineering construction are carried out in Iraq.
Tender Title: Provision of vehicle rental service for EBS Oil field 
Tender No.: 011/SC/19
Tender Information: Scope of Work
ZhenHua Oil is to seek eligible contractor(s) who have experience and can provide vehicle rental service for Iraqi employee who working at EBS oil field. 
Part1: Participants should provide relevant pre-qualification documents according to the following requirements, ALL THE DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN ENGLISH:
1. General introduction of the participants
? Company Profile (including relevant information on size of business, company introduction, scope of business etc.) and Qualification certificate.
2. Professional qualification documents of the participants
? Supporting documents on domestic or international authenticated professional qualifications
3. Introduction to the service capacity of the participants
4. Similar historical performance of participant company service in recent 5 years
5.Audit reports and financial statements audited by a third party professional audit agency in recent three years and Bank credit certificates
6. Other materials should be supplemented if needed
7. According to Iraqi Laws, the bidding winners should afford the fees for public announcement. And It will be deducted from the contract payment directly.
Part 2: Prequalification document submitted time and address:
? All prequalification documents should be submitted before 27th Feb, 2019, AM 11:00
? Prequalification document submission format: 
Important Notice:   All participants shall submit one (1) original in sealed envelopes and MUST clearly marked Tender Name and contact method including the mobile phone number and E-mail address and Tender No.
China ZhenHua Oil Co., Ltd.
EBS project , Nahrawan S2-1 Camp .
Mr. Wu Chenshen 0781 711 9604   E-Mail:  wuchenshen@ebspetroleum.com
You can browse website www.ebspetroleum.com for the same information of above prequalification announcement.