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Public Tender Announcements for Tender No: 015-PC-19 Supplyi

Public Tender Announcements for Tender No: 015-PC-19
Supplying HDPE Pipes and Fittings for Water Supply Pipeline
Tender Type: Public Tender Through Technical Qualification
Tender by: EBS Petroleum Company Limited(EBS Company) is the China ZhenHua Oils wholly owned and controlled Affiliate subject to the DPSC (CONTRACT NO.: 20/EBS/MdOC/2018),  which has obtained the Registration License on the date of 22nd January 2019 issued by the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Iraq, and to which the Petroleum Contracts and Licensing Dept. Of the Ministry of Oil of Iraq has approved the assignment of the ZhenHua Oil’s rights and obligations under the DPSC.
EBS Petroleum Company Limited, a company legally incorporated and validly existing under the laws of Hong Kong, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and the branch office registered in EBS Company Camp, Nahrawan, Baghdad, Iraq, represented by Mr. Chen Pei, President of the company.
Tender Title: Supplying HDPE Pipes and Fittings for Water Supply Pipeline
Tender No.: 015-PC-19
Tender Information: 
EBS Petroleum Company Limited. would like to announce the tender above named for first time. All the specialist companies who have the ability and experience can participate in this tender, to contact with EBS Petroleum Company Limited.\ C&P Dept, starting from this announcement date , to get the bidding documents by paying the tender fee (100$) after fill and sign Bidding Documents Purchase Request.
Part One: Scope of Work: 
To seek a Contractor who can provide the below HDPE pipes and fittings for water supply pipelineļ¼š
1. API 15LE-HDPE PE4710 Pipe, 12 inch, DR11, Each pipe length 11.8m, Color and UV Stabilizer: Class C
2. API 15LE-HDPE PE4710, Elbow (Fabricatied), ASTM F2206, 12 inch, DR9, Butt-fusion ends, Color and UV Stabilizer: Class C
3. API 15LE-HDPE PE4710 Flange adapter(Butt Welding,Length≥273mm) and Metallic back-up ring(Galvanized), 12 inch, DR11, Flat face Flange, ASME B16.5, Class150, Color and UV Stabilizer: Class C.
4. Butt fusion semi-automatic welding machine
Part Two: 
1. If the bidder is willing to participate in this project, please submit USD 100.00 to purchase ITB documents before 04:00 PM on 19th April 2019 at Nahrawan S2-1 Camp.
Part Three: 
1. All bidders should submit their technical proposal, commercial proposal and bid bond which sealed separately before 4:00 PM on 29th April 2019 based on the ITB documents.
2. The bidders shall submit the Proposals in English language to EBS Petroleum Company Limited, Nahrawan S2-1 Camp before the deadline of tender.
Bidders Proposals shall consist of:
A. Technical proposal (with one USB flash for the technical offer that can be read and compile).
B. Commercial proposal (with one USB flash for the technical offer that can be read and compile).
C. Bid Bond with value of 1% of Commercial proposal value.
3. The above requirements should be in three different stamped and sealed envelopes, and shall be submitted strictly in accordance with the ITB documents and the tender name and tender number and bidder’s information should be clearly on the envelop.
4. In the event of any necessary enquiry or clarification regarding the technical details of the project, please inform the C&P Dept. before the date of 27th April 2019 by Email: nidawei@ebspetroleum.com /  baoxiaofang@ebspetroleum.com / wangshaoyu@ebspetroleum.com / cp@ebspetroleum.com , for the purpose of answering as soon as possible before the bidding date.
5.  The winner company of the tender should pay the announcement fee.